The eyes may be the window to the soul, however they are also a great snapshot of the frame’s usual fitness and properly-being. Many human beings are amazed to locate that a dilating eye examination can assist medical doctors diagnose, prevent and treat conditions that thieve our sight as we age. No longer will we must become blind as we age, however we surely need normal eye assessments to pick out the various conditions that can damage our vision and destroy our best of lifestyles. Just one dilating eye examination a year can significantly increase the first-rate of life for seniors.

One number one reason to have an annual eye exam is glaucoma screening. Glaucoma is every now and then called the sneak thief of sight because it’s miles painless and virtually disregarded with the aid of the person that has it till it’s miles already destructive your vision. Glaucoma is a situation in which the strain in your eye increases, commonly due to minor defects inside the eyes. That pressure is not generally observed with the aid of the individual that has it, however it reasons harm to different components of the attention, sooner or later leading to decreased peripheral vision or loss of sight altogether. Virtually any eye exam will include a stress take a look at to test for glaucoma and they are nearly always executed before a dilating eye exam.


Cataracts also are tough for the average person to self-detect, even though they may be aware greater issues with glare, particularly whilst riding at night, or a reduced vibrancy of shade. That’s due to the fact cataracts are like a soapy movie coating the lens of the attention. They can arise at younger ages because  trendy men’s glasses of sure medications or trauma to the eye, but they may be most typically as a result of growing older.

In a dilating eye exam, your optometrist can get a higher look at the lens of the attention and decide whilst cataract surgery is wanted. The remedy of cataracts can enhance your quality of existence by using making it viable to force at night again and to see matters extra definitely.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Many people with diabetes do not know that failure to control their blood sugar can damage the blood vessels within the returned of the eye. To recognise how an awful lot your diabetes is impacting your vision, the optometrist makes use of a dilating eye exam, every now and then blended with other checks, to study the tiny blood vessels that aid the retina and your capacity to see. Treating diabetic retinopathy can improve your satisfactory of existence with the aid of preventing retinal detachments and tears that smash imaginative and prescient.

Macular Degeneration

The macula is a tiny spot on the retina this is vital to imaginative and prescient, but as we age, many human beings increase a circumstance called age-associated macular degeneration. Left untreated, macular degeneration can result in speedy deterioration of eye sight and eventual blindness. A dilating eye examination permits your medical doctor to evaluate the circumstance of the macula and begin remedy if a hassle is detected.

The unhappy reality of most imaginative and prescient impairments is that when the damage is executed, it cannot be reversed. These, and different situations of the attention, often haven’t any signs until they’ve already begun to damage your sight. However, they are treatable, or maybe preventable, if they’re recognized early. The great manner to do that is an annual dilating eye examination. In a few instances, if a situation has started out to broaden, the physician can also endorse greater frequent exams to display and treat you eyes. Preserving your imaginative and prescient is one of the nice approaches to enhance your quality of lifestyles.

Dr. Grace Kim is Chairperson for Clinical Advisory Panel of America’s Best, a nationwide eyeglasses store. With over 300 locations