Political spokespersons have become an important part of modern-day campaigns, at almost every level.  In 2013 Audrey Gellman joined Scott Stringer’s campaign, who was a running for the post of New York City comptroller back then. Mr. Stringer was up against Eliot Spitzer who had a seemingly insurmountable lead in the polls in the initial days.  In her role as Stringer’s spokesperson, Audrey coordinated his media strategy and played a major role in developing his brand among the most influential New Yorkers.

A political spokesperson has an important role to play in ensuring the positive and impactful impression of their campaign leader.  As a spokesperson for Scott Stringer’s campaign, the work of Audrey Gellman included managing his social media outreach programs, where she even traded posts with Mr. Spitzer’s team.  Her commendable work helped establish Mr. Stringer as quite a dynamic opponent who was fit for taking on a role as important and influential as that of a comptroller.

Audrey Gellman helped Scott Stringer’s campaign quite a bit by organizing an incredibly star-studded party at the popular Maritime Hotel in Chelsea. This event was meant to be a political fundraiser, but was organized so well that it looked almost like a Fashion Week event. The attendees of the fundraiser included several designers, nightclub managers, and actors, such as Golden Globes winner Lena Dunham. Audrey made sure that the party was extensively covered by several media publications to augment the profile of Mr. Stringer’s campaign.

While working on Scott Stringer’s campaign, Audrey herself emerged as quite an impressive political and cultural figure as well. She displayed commendable dedication, intelligence and competency in her role as a spokesperson, and even brought in multiple A-list supporters to the campaigns. She didn’t restrict herself to just organizing events and executing out social media strategies for Scott Stringer’s campaign. In fact, she also proactively developed strong relationships with local political reporters and fought for the campaign through many Twitter skirmishes.  Her efforts eventually led to Mr. Stringer’s winning the democratic nomination for the comptroller role.

Throughout her time on the campaign, Audrey Gellman magnetized the attention of several people with her personal style and magnetic aura. A number of fashion magazines and blogs also noted her eclectic styles and red-carpet appearances. She also went on to making several appearances on Lena Dunham’s popular show “Girls.”

While Audrey gained maximum attention due to her role as a political spokesperson of Scott Stringer, her journey into politics started way back. She belongs to a politically aware family, and has been a political wonk from her early years due to her neighborhood. She also worked as a junior aide during the 2008 presidential run of Hilary Clinton.

It was in the year of 2000 when Audrey decided to join the world of politics, owing to the Supreme Court decision in the contested presidential election. She even left Oberlin College early to work on Clinton’s campaign in 2008.