Titan adds new STL3 tire size for artics, wheel loaders

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Titan International has added a new size to its STL3 lineup of tires for articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders and scrapers.

The new size, 875/65R29, was added at the request of customers in the construction, mining and quarry industries, the company says. The size addresses such https://www.aga-parts.com/allison/ challenges as rim slip that causes bead chafing and possible air loss. The tire has a dual-taper bead design and extra-wide steel bead to resist rim indexing.

Its E-3/L-3 nondirectional tread pattern and center-riding jib provide traction, smooth ride and long life, the company says. Its full-width shoulder lug provides lateral stability.

STL3 tires are available in cut-resistant and wear-resistant compounds, suitable for a range of conditions.

Titan now has seven sizes in its STL3 range. The 875/65R29 joins the 750/65R25 and 26.5R25 sizes with wear-resistant compounds. Four additional sizes are offered with cut-resistant compounds: 20.5R25, 23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25.